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  • You can't express care with silence.
  • Pros do not expose.
  • It's thin and fragile. Don't ever try to touch or blow it.

My Arts

My Arts
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Friday, September 11, 2009

Baking Cookies =D

I bought a pack of instant cookie powders last Monday. It needed to be mix with butter only. Then today I made it for about 4 hours long!! D: And today I'm quite tired. But I forced myself to write this on. Haha.. Here are the cookies :D

At first I thought that I could just shape the dough with squirt bag (I put the dough inside a plastic bag then make a hole in one corner of the bag then press it out to shape), but I was wrong, I couldn't shape it. Then I just remembered, I have to roll it - -a. I don't have a roll, then I got an idea, use an empty wine bottle XD. then I put a pair of chopstick on the both side of the dough then I rolled it. So the thickness of the cookies would be standardise. I made very boring shapes (squares, rounds, oval, lol) as shown on the picture above.

After 2 hours of doing that, my lil brother came back from somewhere then he helped me to shape the dough. He did the stick man as shown on the picture above XD. And then I got an inspiration to make cute shape, a buoy shape~ Haha. I made the holes using chopstick XD.

It seemed that my lil bro liked the cookie XD or maybe he was hungry so that he ate that a lot O.o?

When my eldest bro back home, he opened my room's door then smiled and asked "Who baked cake?"

"Me~, Smell good?"

"Yea, it smelled like mom's cake"


Well, I'm tired. Enjoy :D

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My Sweat Today

Chicken Pop-Corn :D

This was one of my dinner menu for today. It's a new menu that I cooked and it's my sister's idea as she was bored of chicken soup (cuz it's easy to cook soup >.<). The step of making this was quite simple, but it's just the process of covering the small small pieces of chickens (I regretted that I cut it become too small) with flour, then egg, then four again. AND, actually I could just cover it with 1 layer of flour cuz the chicken was small. It didn't need any strong taste from the flour. Btw I used a tasty flour special for frying from Indonesia (see the picture bellow) :D
It tastes great! And it's crunchy :)"
Highly Recommended! *thumbs up*
(oops.. I'm promoting O.o)

For the tragic, today, there was an earthquake in West of Java, Indonesia, at 14.55, West of Indonesia Time. The epicentre was exactly in Tasikmalaya and it was a quite big earthquake at 7.3R.
I called my dad at 2 hours after the earthquake, he said no one was injured and he only got slightly dizzy, thanks God.
It was told that there will be another after earthquake today and the earthquake was potential to tsunami.
I hope nothing worst happen and for the victims (there were some died and sent to hospital), may God bless you all and get well soon.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Meeting Old Friend

I met Xena (my elementary school friend) and two of her friends. She's changed after 5 years we didn't meet. It's kinda hard to hang out together like today again since her school makes her really busy.

We met at Bugis Junction. Xena was like so amazed as there were a lot of food in Bugis Junction. Haha. She has short hair now, and she's still wearing braces. She has been wearing that for about 6 years = =. She said her last 2 dentists were cheating her. They sucked her money up. Haha. Finally she chose dentist in Singapore.

Her friends were Arshiya, Indian and Fen, Indonesian :D. We went to Bugis Street and then Bugis Junction. They went shopping and I bought a memo card. I'll write all definitions in all subjects on it and I'll carry it everywhere so that I can read it anywhere :D.

We went to took a photo in photo box after that :D. I shall scan it for memorandum xP.

At around 07pm we took taxi to go to UWCS dorm to send Shiya home since she felt tired. After that we, 3 persons went to Holland Village. Xena and Fen had meni pedi. I didn't want to cuz it's expensive and I don't think I need to. Haha. Xena likes to meni pedi cuz her school is so stressful, so she needs some relaxation whereas my college is not really stressful.

It was so hard for Xena to find the right colour for her nails. Haha. She kept asking the shop assistant to take that and this nail polish colour XD. She got the right to do that though.

We had our dinner in Sushi Tei. It's kinda expensive $_$. I ordered chicken katsu don and I regreted it >.<. It tasted so sweet and it made me nauseated. At last I ate finished only the chicken and left a lot of rice over. T^T

Oya! At 8th of October UWCS has a festive or what I dunno. There will be performance and a lot of food stalls opened. Xena invited me to go there and she'll be guarding Indonesian food stall and performing Indonesian Dance :D. I should come!

She also asked me whether I'm going back to Indo at October or not. Since she's going to celebrate her sweet 17th b'day at 24th of Oct. Sigh, I dun think I could come. Haha.

It was a great time meeting up with old friend. Finally we have to go home. Haha. Nice to go with you all :D We have to hang out again sometimes :)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

This is my promise. I uploaded the song with the vocal. ^.^v

Monday, August 24, 2009

This is my cover of It's Happy Line by Yui. To find how to play this I need to refer to her live videos when playing this song. And thanks to Mz that willing to send me "all" of Yui's videos :D.

I'll post up the song and the vocal together as soon as possible.
I need to record when everybody in my house is away. If not there will be much noise and inconvenience for me and for them also. I have to ask them to keep quiet when I want to record.
Such a troublesome.

Oya, on my last post, I said I would post up my cake picture. I haven't captured it yet. Haha. And maybe it's rotten already. It's been neglected for so long in the refrigerator. 2 trays had already thrown away as they turned tough. Untill it can't be chopped with fork anymore. Haha. But.... There's still one container of cake in the refri.. let see tomorrow. What it has turned to.. Muahaha..

Enjoy the "video" (not moving picture tho). xP

Comment appreciated =)

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Mama... Come back >.<

My mom had been staying in Singapore with all of my brothers, sisters, and me. My life was soooo good when she was here. She cooked, whereas now, and last time--before she came here, I have to cook dinner and lunch (for myself).

It's ok to cook actually. The most stressful thing is to wash all the dirty dishes and the other cooking utensils! I'll ask anyone of my siblings to do it. B'coz it's so dull to cook and wash (like what my mom did, she's so adorable. No wonder she kept asking us to buy her ticket home, lol.)

On saturday, my mom baked cake. A cake that has two layers. The base is chiffon cake and the top is something like pudding.

I helped her to measure all the ingredients ^.^v. We baked 4 small pans of cake. One dough for 2 pans, so we made 2 doughs. I helped my mom to mix the 1st dough and add melted butter into it. When she's gonna make the top layer, I was lazy to help anymore. I went to my room (cooling aircon). Till she made the 2nd dough, I came into the kitchen. My mom was adding on melted butter into a pan of dough that was already half-baked. She forgot to add in the butter and just realised it after it's half-baked. Lol. It couldn't help. The cake became so weird yet still edible. Lol.

I'll add up a picture of the cake soon ^o^.

Have a nice day~

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Skin-canoes?! @_@

This one whole week, my skin has been in eruption.

Firstly, I realised there are some small itchy bumps on my leg. Then I showed it to my brother.
My brother thought they were bitten by bedbugs because his boss just saw bedbugs in her bed few days ago and she called pest-control to take care of it.

Once I showed that bumps, my bro asked me to take off all of the bed, pillows, bolsters covers to be washed. We also carried the bed from its frame outside to be sprayed with insecticide. Puhh... exshausting.

The next day, I found more bumps on my body trunk. More like some welts and they were very itching >.<. I couldn't sleep well for two days. *Scratch* *Scratch* T__T

The bumps appeared on my palms also. I was scared that I got chicken-pox, but I got it when i was in kindergarten @_@. Then I decided to go to at least a clinic. It's just near to my house. My sister accompanied me there. The doctor wasn't a skin specialist though. I told her about bugs and poxy things. I know we won't get chicken-pox for more than once in our life.

The doctor gave me 7 pills of 25mg Atarax to be eaten at night and another type was 10mg Zytrec to be eaten in the day. One more is for outer usage, lotion. The lotion smells like acrylic paint @_@ and it's so thin, not like normal lotions that are usually thick.

I used those three types for 2 days and I felt like the Atarax had a very strong effect on me. In the next day after eating the Atarax, I would feel badly tired. I forced myself to be awake in class +___+
The medicines didn't really work. I found a bit more bumps on my palms. I decided to go to a clinic that specialise in skin problems.

The consultation wen't well. She didn't really say what's the sickness or what. She said maybe it's a viral eruption. Someday that could be last month, maybe there was a virus stroke me then now it has left from my body and now my immune system is working? But before that the doctor also said that actually these bumps and itchs would be gone by themselves without any treatment, but of course "we" need to treat (=_= doctor looks for money). During the consultation, I wasn't really sure when did I feel tired or unwell @_@.

When I reached home, I just remember that last month I worked in Pepper Lunch. In my opinion, the virus came from the backetrias from raw meats there. Actually, everyone who works in restaurant or something like that, needs to get vaccine. It's to protect themseves from bacterias that come from raw materials. My sister (works in Pp Lunch) was vaccined and I accompanied her to get vaccined. I was no longer working there (cuz they just realised that my college doesn't allow its student to work, even part-time, in the 4th day of my job) >:( so I didn't think that I need to vaccine also.

Fortunately, the bumps and itchs are slowly recovered :D

*Scratch* *Scratch* +__+