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My Arts
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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Meeting Old Friend

I met Xena (my elementary school friend) and two of her friends. She's changed after 5 years we didn't meet. It's kinda hard to hang out together like today again since her school makes her really busy.

We met at Bugis Junction. Xena was like so amazed as there were a lot of food in Bugis Junction. Haha. She has short hair now, and she's still wearing braces. She has been wearing that for about 6 years = =. She said her last 2 dentists were cheating her. They sucked her money up. Haha. Finally she chose dentist in Singapore.

Her friends were Arshiya, Indian and Fen, Indonesian :D. We went to Bugis Street and then Bugis Junction. They went shopping and I bought a memo card. I'll write all definitions in all subjects on it and I'll carry it everywhere so that I can read it anywhere :D.

We went to took a photo in photo box after that :D. I shall scan it for memorandum xP.

At around 07pm we took taxi to go to UWCS dorm to send Shiya home since she felt tired. After that we, 3 persons went to Holland Village. Xena and Fen had meni pedi. I didn't want to cuz it's expensive and I don't think I need to. Haha. Xena likes to meni pedi cuz her school is so stressful, so she needs some relaxation whereas my college is not really stressful.

It was so hard for Xena to find the right colour for her nails. Haha. She kept asking the shop assistant to take that and this nail polish colour XD. She got the right to do that though.

We had our dinner in Sushi Tei. It's kinda expensive $_$. I ordered chicken katsu don and I regreted it >.<. It tasted so sweet and it made me nauseated. At last I ate finished only the chicken and left a lot of rice over. T^T

Oya! At 8th of October UWCS has a festive or what I dunno. There will be performance and a lot of food stalls opened. Xena invited me to go there and she'll be guarding Indonesian food stall and performing Indonesian Dance :D. I should come!

She also asked me whether I'm going back to Indo at October or not. Since she's going to celebrate her sweet 17th b'day at 24th of Oct. Sigh, I dun think I could come. Haha.

It was a great time meeting up with old friend. Finally we have to go home. Haha. Nice to go with you all :D We have to hang out again sometimes :)

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  1. omg..travel by teksi..!! expensive= ='
    by kaki more eco larh!!!
    not your college no stressfull..
    just you havent realise that...