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My Arts
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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Mama... Come back >.<

My mom had been staying in Singapore with all of my brothers, sisters, and me. My life was soooo good when she was here. She cooked, whereas now, and last time--before she came here, I have to cook dinner and lunch (for myself).

It's ok to cook actually. The most stressful thing is to wash all the dirty dishes and the other cooking utensils! I'll ask anyone of my siblings to do it. B'coz it's so dull to cook and wash (like what my mom did, she's so adorable. No wonder she kept asking us to buy her ticket home, lol.)

On saturday, my mom baked cake. A cake that has two layers. The base is chiffon cake and the top is something like pudding.

I helped her to measure all the ingredients ^.^v. We baked 4 small pans of cake. One dough for 2 pans, so we made 2 doughs. I helped my mom to mix the 1st dough and add melted butter into it. When she's gonna make the top layer, I was lazy to help anymore. I went to my room (cooling aircon). Till she made the 2nd dough, I came into the kitchen. My mom was adding on melted butter into a pan of dough that was already half-baked. She forgot to add in the butter and just realised it after it's half-baked. Lol. It couldn't help. The cake became so weird yet still edible. Lol.

I'll add up a picture of the cake soon ^o^.

Have a nice day~

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  1. T.T
    so asking your brother helping you wash the dishes lah..XD cake house=.='
    but the cake havent post up..
    waiting for your cake ...