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My Arts

My Arts
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Friday, September 11, 2009

Baking Cookies =D

I bought a pack of instant cookie powders last Monday. It needed to be mix with butter only. Then today I made it for about 4 hours long!! D: And today I'm quite tired. But I forced myself to write this on. Haha.. Here are the cookies :D

At first I thought that I could just shape the dough with squirt bag (I put the dough inside a plastic bag then make a hole in one corner of the bag then press it out to shape), but I was wrong, I couldn't shape it. Then I just remembered, I have to roll it - -a. I don't have a roll, then I got an idea, use an empty wine bottle XD. then I put a pair of chopstick on the both side of the dough then I rolled it. So the thickness of the cookies would be standardise. I made very boring shapes (squares, rounds, oval, lol) as shown on the picture above.

After 2 hours of doing that, my lil brother came back from somewhere then he helped me to shape the dough. He did the stick man as shown on the picture above XD. And then I got an inspiration to make cute shape, a buoy shape~ Haha. I made the holes using chopstick XD.

It seemed that my lil bro liked the cookie XD or maybe he was hungry so that he ate that a lot O.o?

When my eldest bro back home, he opened my room's door then smiled and asked "Who baked cake?"

"Me~, Smell good?"

"Yea, it smelled like mom's cake"


Well, I'm tired. Enjoy :D


  1. looks delicious
    next time bake something for me okey

  2. the last cookies guy so cute XD~.~'''