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My Arts
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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Skin-canoes?! @_@

This one whole week, my skin has been in eruption.

Firstly, I realised there are some small itchy bumps on my leg. Then I showed it to my brother.
My brother thought they were bitten by bedbugs because his boss just saw bedbugs in her bed few days ago and she called pest-control to take care of it.

Once I showed that bumps, my bro asked me to take off all of the bed, pillows, bolsters covers to be washed. We also carried the bed from its frame outside to be sprayed with insecticide. Puhh... exshausting.

The next day, I found more bumps on my body trunk. More like some welts and they were very itching >.<. I couldn't sleep well for two days. *Scratch* *Scratch* T__T

The bumps appeared on my palms also. I was scared that I got chicken-pox, but I got it when i was in kindergarten @_@. Then I decided to go to at least a clinic. It's just near to my house. My sister accompanied me there. The doctor wasn't a skin specialist though. I told her about bugs and poxy things. I know we won't get chicken-pox for more than once in our life.

The doctor gave me 7 pills of 25mg Atarax to be eaten at night and another type was 10mg Zytrec to be eaten in the day. One more is for outer usage, lotion. The lotion smells like acrylic paint @_@ and it's so thin, not like normal lotions that are usually thick.

I used those three types for 2 days and I felt like the Atarax had a very strong effect on me. In the next day after eating the Atarax, I would feel badly tired. I forced myself to be awake in class +___+
The medicines didn't really work. I found a bit more bumps on my palms. I decided to go to a clinic that specialise in skin problems.

The consultation wen't well. She didn't really say what's the sickness or what. She said maybe it's a viral eruption. Someday that could be last month, maybe there was a virus stroke me then now it has left from my body and now my immune system is working? But before that the doctor also said that actually these bumps and itchs would be gone by themselves without any treatment, but of course "we" need to treat (=_= doctor looks for money). During the consultation, I wasn't really sure when did I feel tired or unwell @_@.

When I reached home, I just remember that last month I worked in Pepper Lunch. In my opinion, the virus came from the backetrias from raw meats there. Actually, everyone who works in restaurant or something like that, needs to get vaccine. It's to protect themseves from bacterias that come from raw materials. My sister (works in Pp Lunch) was vaccined and I accompanied her to get vaccined. I was no longer working there (cuz they just realised that my college doesn't allow its student to work, even part-time, in the 4th day of my job) >:( so I didn't think that I need to vaccine also.

Fortunately, the bumps and itchs are slowly recovered :D

*Scratch* *Scratch* +__+

1 comment:

  1. omg.xD
    you are the most lucky 1
    .that bateries..came from Pepper Lunch???
    you didnt get that vaccine..
    that why..

    so unfortunately...

    that chicken pox..
    not really can get once leh>.<'
    some of aunt said..
    maybe can get twice=.='
    but i dontknow how!?