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My Arts
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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Dear Diary, Wet

I set my alarm at 09 55 then I snoozed my alarm at around 3 times. It was time to go traditional market. As usual, on tuesday I go there to buy groceries for 1 week stock. Lol.

On my way there, suddenly water poured from the sky. It was raining! I quickly decided to take shelter under a nearest bus stop. I called my sister (she was not feeling well, so she skipped class) to bring umbrella for me. >.<>

I spent time in a supermarket, Sheng Shiong, near to the traditional market, waiting for the rain to be drizzle. I spent quite a long time but I still forgot to buy something for my new menu. = = Tommorow I have to go there again. Sigh.

Phang family dinner menu today: Spinach Soup with sweet corn ^^.

P.S: Opps.. I forgot to post this up yesterday. So I'll just post it now. Hehe. =P


  1. u r pig= =? 3 times haha
    1 week stock= = can on a grocery adi~~

    that's funny ' Phang's family dinner menu today: Spinach Soup with sweet corn '
    means u r chef of ur Phang's family. haha

  2. Yeap.. Lol.. I'm the cheft.. eii. i shudnt put ('s) after phang.. wait im gonna edit.. LOL