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  • You can't express care with silence.
  • Pros do not expose.
  • It's thin and fragile. Don't ever try to touch or blow it.

My Arts

My Arts
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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Dear Diary, today is drawing time >.<

Today was the first time I cooked in pyjamas. I woke up at 10 30. Immediately, I went to kitchen and washed dishes then cooked rice. I could just prepared tomato sardines today as my family's meal. After that I took a shower and had my breakfast (should be lunch tho xP).

Before taking shower, I turned on my computer as my sister was using the bathroom. So I just checked my facebook and deviantart accounts.

My sister, Kathe, had a school trip in Red Dot Museum, where OIC takes place, at 12pm. But she washed dishes and took lunch first so that we could only get there at 13 30, when her school trip was over XD.

During the OIC, I could draw 13 sheets, but I sold nothing XD. Nevermind. I have improved my drawing skill. Moreover, I tried new style of drawing. I drew portraits with just marker. My sister said it is nicer. Hmm. I have to train myself to draw with that style.

"Ganbattene, Erin!!"

My feeling now: confused, guilty, sad, down, happy, sleepy.


  1. hey..
    Ganbatte xD
    maybe too expensive that you sold...
    changing the style..
    but the old 1..
    dont just throw it away XD

  2. yea.. i keep all of my drawings in my folder XD~