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My Arts
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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Dear Diary, Welcome to Celine ^^

Yesterday night I was so excited when I was checking my facebook (fb). I got a wall message from my Indo friend which told me that she would come to Singapore and we were gonna meet up :D.

Today I woke up at 1pm. I immediately turned on my comp and check my fb. I received a wall message at 5 hours ago at that time. She said she was on her way to Singapore.
After playing some games and taking fb quizes my phone rang, alerted me that there's a new incoming message. It was from Celine (her actual name is Selina =p). She has bought a Singapore number xD. We arranged a meeting then I prepared to go to Peninsula Hotel, City Hall, where she is staying now. She asked me to stay and sleep there. But I didn't prepare my clothes as I had stepped out from my door house so I tell her that I would stay tommorow.

I met her in Peninsula Lobby. Then we took a sit beside a swimming pool. A pool with transparant glass at one side, where we can see everybody's legs, who are swimming inside, from outside. Just like an aquarium.

We were chatting and I realised that my pants was wet because of sitting on a damp chair. As so as with my friend's pants. So that we decided to go other nice place. Finally we ended up at another swimming pool, lol. This one was smaller and quieter. We took picture there with her sony erricson HP. We set the camera position and captured with timer.

Cheezee... Then the result of the captured-photo was all shining. Next, all was dark. Next, we found a hotel worker there (maybe a cleaning service) to help us to take picture. Firstly, we got dark photo. Then we moved to other place to take. It was nice :).

After taking many pictures, we went to the loungue, where we can order snackes and many drinks. You know, it was funny when my friend innocently spoke Indonesian to the waitresses there. Then they showed confused faces. I poked my friend, reminded her about her mistake. Suddenly, an "angel" appeared from a doorleaf of opened-door there answered her "innocent" question. He understood Indonesian. Good. We ordered prawn roll. It tasted OK.

I told my family that I couldn't cook dinner for today as I wanted to spend time with my friend XD. From the lounge, we went to her room No. 1836. We chatted there, with her mom also. Her sister was sleeping so tightly.

We were chatting, waiting for her parents preparing for going out for dinner. (@@)

We went to Newton Circuit by taxi to eat seafood. My stomach was almost explode as they ordered so many. And the tiger prawn, so big~ Its size was almost 2 spans of mine. Ahh.. FULL~ Moreover, there was 1 leftover jumbo prawn and clams. Celine's mom gave me for bringing home.

At around 11 we back to Hotel by taxi again and I directly went home, not forgetting to say thanks =).

Tommorow I must cook 1st before going to Peninsula Hotel ^^~
Gonna sleep now~

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