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My Arts
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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Dear Diary, I found it! LEA&PERRINS!

Today I cooked chicken Teriyaki =D. Yummy~.

One thing that made me so furious about myself was I bought wrong soya bean sauce. I wanted to buy salty soya bean sauce but I took the sweet one accidentally. Firstly I took the salty one but when I made my mind to take nicer bottle (which wasn't dusty), I took the sweet one!! Arghhhh!! >.<

It is HABHAL'S sweet soya bean sauce. I don't know how it tastes as I never bought it before. I usually use soy bean sauce from Indonesia (ABC and Bango). In my opinion, ABC (sweet) is better for frying and Bango (sweet) is better for topping (such for fried or steamed egg).

Aha! Today I found LEA&PERRINS, that I had been looking for, in the Sheng Shiong market near my house. Last time I was looking for it in that market, but in the wrong part. Then today when I was accompanying my lil brother buying ingredients for his culinery subject tommorow, I found it~. But I didnt buy it :(. I'll buy it next time, this time I don't really need it :).

Oya, today I watched Hotaru no Hikari movie on Mysoju till episode 4, part 2. Actually I was looking for a short drama/ movie. But I saw the ratings of that movie was 5/5 and it has 10 episodes, so why not? It doesn't really long xD.

Btw I like this colour xD. Hehe. Need to go sleeeppp >.<. I'm feeling abit unwell now = =' runny nose. *sneeze*


  1. OMGGGGGgggg.
    why all soya sauce at my kitchen 1
    all is salty 1= ='
    so yummy
    didnt teach me how to cOok that T.T

  2. Haha.. just soak chicken with teriyaki marinate sauce XD. then fry fry.. add onion~ i added sweet soya souce =]

  3. wow.
    that easy only???
    i will try it ?

    hope dont too salty larh..
    xD..as my home didnt buy that sweet soya sauce yet..