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My Arts

My Arts
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Saturday, January 17, 2009


Anna, a twenty-eight year old lady was looking at her reflection in the mirror of her bathroom. Her sight immediately became blur after she took off her bottle bottom spectacles. She put it back on, bowed her head down. Desperate. She looked at her pimply face then stared at the cabinet which was full of every brand of acne treatment. Back to the mirror, she grinned to herself, showing her front rotten tooth. This was the consequence of her habit. When she was young, she often ate sweets in the night under her blanket as her mother did not allow her to eat sweets. She regretted her bad habit. She gave a deep sigh and presumed that she was born to be ugly. She did not want to torture herself by stepping on a weighing scale. She was not happy with herself at all.
She would be extremely happy if her pimple-ravaged face could be replace and if there was any weighing scale that can weigh her without spinning its scale like a racing car steering wheel to the limit.
Her beloved only ex-boyfriend was actually a sales man who was trying to sell his product of diet tablets. She laughed at herself.
Her drawer was filled with uncountable brochures about plastic surgery and liposuction. She was going to have a plastic surgery and liposuction. Though those were expensive, her ambition of getting happiness would make her take any way to get them.
Anna’s late parents had left her quiet a large amount of heritage. She would exhaust it all to get her ‘happiness’. She arranged a meeting with a specialized plastic surgeon. She was asked to choose her desired shape of nose, lips and face. She also arranged the date for surgery and she needed to stay in the hospital for about two months for the surgical procedure. Before the surgery, she went to a dentist to get a treatment. Now, she thought she would be assured of happiness, would not she?
For two months, she vanished from her surroundings. Probably no one had noticed her disappearance.
A new Anna was born. Was she happy? No. After undergoing the plastic surgery, a lot of guy asked for her phone number. Last time, she used to think that it was so much fun to have many admirers around her, but now she knew that it was annoying. She did not know which guy really loved her for herself. True love brings happiness.


  1. wow...
    this story ..
    abit similar with a movie.
    that korea movie ..
    what name jor ???

  2. o.O
    well done,your essay is getting good as good as me..then cs also got my standard already. Omg hahaha
    Teacher!! what a good comment...

  3. @phang:isn't the title movie is 200 ponds beauty? XD maybe i was inspired by that movie. Lol.

    @wangzai: haha.. thanks for saying that my skill is improving, but i won't be as "lan c" as you (your standard of "lan c"-ness are very high~ HO HO HO