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  • Introduction must be ended up with conclusion. After "Hi", there must be "Bye-bye".
  • You can't express care with silence.
  • Pros do not expose.
  • It's thin and fragile. Don't ever try to touch or blow it.

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My Arts
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Saturday, January 17, 2009


“How was your school, sweetie?” Clara’s mother, Holly, asked her when she picked up her daughter from a kindergarten school. They walked towards the parking lot.
“As usual, mammy,” she replied non-committally.
Holly was a bit confused by Clara’s answer. Usually, Clara answers excitedly and tells her mother about her school.
“Don’t you have something to tell me?” Holly asked her daughter sadly, glancing over her shoulder to the left where Clara sat. Clara seemed distracted and did not respond.
During dinner time, Clara, Holly, and Daniel, Holly’s husband, were sitting around the dining table. Clara was still thinking, actually, she had something to ask about her parents.
“Mom, dad, today my friend told me a story about her parents’ first meeting and I just wanted to know about yours. How did both of you meet each other?” Clara asked politely and gave her parents her toothless smile.
Holly and Daniel grinned, reminded of their first meeting and Daniel gave a wink to Holly as a sign for Holly to begin the story.
“Well, actually your daddy was my hero. When I was eighteen, I had a part-time job as a waitress in a fast food restaurant and I got the evening shift, so it was about 11pm when I finished my work. I walked home, I was alone and it was very gloomy,” Holly emphasized dramatically, and Clara felt a chill up her spine.
“I sensed a man following me behind. I was scared and quickened my speed. As I walked faster, the man also walked faster. Till the man reached me, I screamed. The man moved in front of me and threatened me with a knife. The knife shone brightly in the moonlight. The man asked me to take out my purse. I was trembling and took it out reluctantly; he had just taken it from my hand, suddenly another man, your daddy, came and saved me. He aimed a perfect kick at the robber’s groin, made the robber collapsed,” Holly got up from her chair and practiced the step.
“WOW! What happened after that, mom?” Clara was impressed by Holly’s story.
“You know sweetie, how your daddy could save me in the exact time?”
Clara just shook her head widely, waiting for holly to continue enthusiastically.
“Hmm, actually, your daddy had also been following me since I finished my work. He was one of my secret customers who secretly admired me. He called police station before he helped me. I was glad that he was there because I had just received my first salary,” Holly laughed gleefully
“Daddy, I didn’t know that you are a superman, I have decided to marry a man like u in future,” Clara said, opening her lustrous eyes widely.
Daniel’s eyes widened after hearing that, Holly put her arm on Daniel’s shoulder and smiled proudly.


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