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My Arts
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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Dear Diary, O.O"

Yesterday night I went to bed at 4 am then i read novel book, only at 5 I fell asleep. I set my alarm at 7 am, meant I had only 2 hours for sleeping :$ Why I woke up so early? It was because my eldest sister and me needed to Q for free tickets for entering Jurong BirdPark and Singapore Cruise. Earlier that day, my sister read from Today newspaper (free) and she saw a promotion about getting free tickets for entering many of interesting places in Singapore (eg. Singapore Flyer, Jurong BirdPark, Sentosa and etc.) by sending message to xxx and get reply. We just needed to show the reply message when we bought the ticket. Moreover, we would get 4 tickets/ message. But, those were only for first 2009 visitors.

My sister and I took train then bus to get to the Jurong BirdPark. When we reached there, we saw a worker of the BirdPark standing in front of the gate and showing a notice board that told us that the free tickets were finished. You know, Singaporeans are kia su, so a lot of them had been Q-ing since 1 day before for getting those free tickets.

So, we took bus then train to go to Esplanade (where Singapore Cruise is). When we were waiting for the train to arrive, I saw a mom were holding her daughter's hand in her right hand and swinging her daughter's water bottle in her left hand. In my mind, I was thinking that the water bottle would be flung from the mom's left hand and it would fall into the train track.

2 minutes before the train's arrival, "Bang". All pessangers who were waiting there were searching the source of that shocking sound. As what I was thinking just now, it was the sound of fallen water bottle. O.O I was laughing at myself at that time. Lol. That really happened.

We went to Esplanade for nothing as the tickets were also finished. So, we went home. The bus-stop was so far away, I was sweating while I was walking under the heat of the sun. I slept in the bus, so peaceful xP

Ps: Wow, I didn't realise that I have written a novel here. >.<"


  1. LOl first diary... XD
    i think u should go down and take the water bottle up then its unthinkable after u went down .. maybe u will BANG wif the water bottle together ..after that the news will appear ur photo and say bout that!! JKJK

    keep it up= =" first diary then second diary then.......

    im agreeing that sgns are kia su. LOl as kia su as u. (must be humble as me)LOL

  2. Haha....
    singaporeon really so kia su>.<'

    you make that bottle fall to train track?
    ..you so bad arh..
    lucky didnt have any injured...

    happy birthday ya.XD
    BIrthday Girl!!!
    wish you can grow Taller as you like

  3. We went to Esplanade fot nothing as the tickets were also finished

    fot or for

    happy birthday to u XD
    next year i will buy toy piano for u
    it will be a good present! hoho.