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My Arts

My Arts
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Saturday, January 17, 2009


“Why were you so late, honey? I missed you so much,” Laura whispered to her husband and manoeuvred her wheel chair towards her husband. Even though it took a lot of effort, she removed his coat and carried his office bag a dutiful wife.
“I’m sorry honey, I had to work overtime today,” he landed a peck onto Laura’s cheek and pushed her wheelchair to their bedroom.
They had been married for three years. Laura, 26, was an albino with blue eyes. She got involved in a car accident when she was 19 and doctor pronounced her paralysed from waist downwards. She came from a broken home and did not make friends except his husband. She had a phobia about being left alone because of the bitter experience that she had gone through in her youth. As a result, she would try all means to keep her loved one with her.
The next morning, after sending her husband off and ensuring that her husband’s car was far away, she manoeuvred her wheel chair inside, locked the door and closed all the curtains then she got up from her wheelchair, pushed it to the corner in the living room. She walked towards the dining room and picked up all the dishes for breakfast this morning. She was going to turn on the faucet when she heard a pounding on the front door. She ran towards her wheelchair, manoeuvred it and unlocked the door to open it. She saw her husband.
“Hey, I’d been waiting for so long. I forgot to bring an important document for meeting this morning, I’m going to be late for it,” he was talking while he walked to his study room.
“Bye-bye! Anyway, I’m going home late today,” he continued. He was talking like a train, did not let Laura speak even a word.
The next day, Laura made sure that her husband did not forget anything. She did all house hold chores. When she was washing her husband’s shirt, she found a lipstick stain on the collar. Her heart started thumping so fast. Her face crumpled and she started to wail sorrowfully.
Day after day, her husband went home later and later and the lip stains were found more often.
She tried to ignore the situation. She did not want to fight her husband as she did not want him to leave her. She acted normally in front of her husband. She was always in tears every night, waiting for her husband and staring out of the window till she saw blinding beams from the headlights of a car entering the garage. That is a sign for her to open the door and welcome her husband with smiles and kisses. Her husband did not even notice her swollen eyes.
One day, she was awakened by the sound of a car entering the garage. She was still sitting in her wheelchair, having fallen asleep while waiting for her husband. She checked the time by looking at her cell phone and it was already dawn. Still half asleep, she peeked outside the window and rubbed her eyes with her fist. The scene shocked her. She took her cell phone and took a picture of the scene. She began to shed tears. She forced herself not to cry then welcomed her husband who was drunk and reeked of strong perfume.
The next Sunday morning, she saw her husband was still sleeping. She took her cell phone, looking at the picture that she had taken. She touched her sleeping husband’s lip tenderly and smiled miserably. His lip was kissed by another girl in the picture. Furthermore, the girl was a pub dancer, ensuring me what he did would me more than a kiss. Laura shuffled herself closer to her husband. She could feel her husband’s breathe blowing at her forehead.
“You’ll always be mine,” she whispered and slowly reached under her pillow for the kitchen knife.

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  1. the best one of all the stories u've post
    it's cool when the lady want to kill her husband
    keep up the good work