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My Arts
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Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Greatest Challenge of My Life

“Grandma, tonight I’m going out with an old friend for dinner,” I gave an excited big hug to my grandma who was cutting carrots and landed a peck on her wrinkly cheek.
“Hey, hey. Watch out, dear. Don’t make me to cut my finger,” she continued, “Okay, you lightened my burden, I’ll have a romantic dinner with your grandpa, in our favourite restaurant, of course,” she laughed gleefully.
“Okay, then, I’m going to work now, see you!” I just picked up a piece of plain bread from a plate on the dining table, and held it tight between my lips while I put on my favourite sneakers.
It was the most exciting moment of my life. My ex-boyfriend, who was my classmate in high school asked me to go for dinner! As we had lost contact for about eight years, I did not know what he was working as but we would talk about it later. I would love to talk about my job as an interior designer, which had always been my wish since I was in high school and he knew that when he was my boyfriend. I did not really know whether we broke up or not, he just vanished from my life suddenly though my love for him was still lingering on in my heart.
After two hours trying on many clothes and dresses, finally I decided to wear my light blue tank top and simple black cardigan, which was a casual chic. I looked perfect in my black jeans and comfortable leather sling back shoes. I would never wear high heels because my feet would be in pain if I wore it and it was hard to balance on it.
Over dinner, he popped a question, “Will you marry me?” and flashed a two-carat diamond ring, bewildering me. He also explained why he vanished. He had an important crisis to attend to, as he had a main role in his family business in United States.
I replied, “Yes” to him only after going out together for sometimes. Our lavish cocktail wedding reception was surrounded by many other important people that I did not even know.
My challenge had begun. As an important person’s wife, I had to dress elegantly and carry myself gracefully. I must wear five-inch heels, even at home! I must be well-dressed before getting out from my bedroom. The bedroom and bathroom were my places of refuge. My mother-in-law had always frightened me. She was the one who forced me to be a perfect wife for her lovely son. Every day I waited impatiently for my husband to reach home. Only he could understand me. I wanted to cook for my husband, one of my dreams. Yet his mother demanded me just sit and read books because our family chef would cook our meals. Our dinners were also very depressing. It was considered rude to talk to share our thoughts or joke. If I tapped my stainless spoon or fork on my plate his mother would give me her sarcastic tirade. Moreover, I could not go out freely, heavy build guards would always accompany me wherever I go, even to visit my family.
I could not bear to live with them anymore. Fatigue struck me. I lost all zest in life because of that witch.
I decided to write a letter as I did not have any courage to tell my husband directly about my suffering under his mother and to ask him to live in our own house.
I just left my letter on the table beside the bed, hoping he would read it in the night after work. Yet I could not sleep, I was too nervous. When I heard someone approaching the bedroom, I turned my body to avoid him. The door was opened, the rustling sound of paper was trembling me. I could not control my breath. Curious, I turned my head to see him. Fortunately, he was smiling. I knew that my suffering was over.

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