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My Arts
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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Pepper Lunch

Long time I didn't write my blog.

During my almost-finish holiday finally I'm having a part-time job in Pepper Lunch.
It wasn't like what I had been thinking. I thought one person would focus on doing one thing (ex: kitchen or cashier only), but the management is like one person have to understand everything (ex: be cashier, dish up, kitchen). It seems like they are lack of staffs = =". Come join, lol.

So far I understand alot of doing kitchen thing than cashier or dish up :D. I want to focus in one thing only. Moreover, if we do cash, we get bigger responsiblity as we keep money $__$. If we press wrong on the cash machine, or if there's a customer that canceled his/her order, which has been billed-up, everything will be in mess, confusing for newbies. Shortage or excess result on penalty.

Furthermore, for those who do kitchen, they will get some (minor) burns because of the hotplate. I got 3/4 burns so far. You just need to be more careful during peak-hour eventough you see many angry-faces in a long queue~ Lol.

The benefit is we can get staff's meals if we work for or more than 8 hours =P of course for free from Pepper Lunch and you do on your own. The minimum working hour is 4 hours and the maximum is 10 hours. $5/hr.

Hmm.. Is there anyone that interested to join? Lol~

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  1. oh..ya..xD
    you may study sOON!!!!
    take care Ya..

    have a NICE SCHOOL DAYS!!!
    sure will having a lot of assignment..
    or what..